30 October 2007

Creating a Miracle

Our screenprinter, Gregory, called this morning. He was about to print our fabrics and asked if would we like to come and watch the process. WOULD WE? We were in his studio in 15 minutes and spent the next half hour totally enthralled. Here is a screen ready to have the ink applied.
Gregory prints the first screen and creates a miracle. The fabric is draped above the table like a tent and, with the fans gently whirring overhead, I was immediately transported to an exotic location. The fabric then goes into a heat box to be "cooked" in order to set the ink.
Tomorrow, all the fabrics will be finished. Here is a sneak preview from some of the proof prints Gregory has done. We are so grateful to him for being so patient with us. At times, our lack of knowledge must have been very difficult for him. His advice and suggestions along the way have been invaluable.
As I was watching this fascinating process I couldn't help thinking how my life has changed over the last 12 months. What I was doing a year ago (stuck behind a desk for ten hours a day) and what I am doing now couldn't be more different and I am loving it.

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Melanie said...

those patterns are awesome and lucky you to get to see the process. that must have been very rewarding