17 October 2007

Trash or Treasure?

It may not be the most beautiful rug, but at least it is now finished. Once again I have completed a woollen article just in time for the warmer weather and it will have to be packed away until next year when it can be put to use to warm someone's toes. I seem to have been doing this project off and on forever and it was so good to finally get it off the needles and out of my knitting basket.
However, it has kept my hands occupied in the evenings while watching TV. Now they are idle again and becoming itchy to start something new. I am not sure what this will be, but I think I am thinking of crochet. I haven't done this for many years and thought that somewhere amongst all my old books I had a 'teach yourself to crochet book'. All that I have been able to find are various ancient knitting pattern books including Knitting for the Junior Miss, a book of baby cardigans which belonged to my grandmother (one of which cardigans I probably wore) and, to my horror, Macrame Magic. Now there's a craft which I hope never makes a comeback and I will certainly not be putting my idle hands to use in this way. I think the author of this book has macramed her hair! I actually made some of these nightmares and hung them proudly in our home. However, I am pleased to say that I did not macrame a hanger for the stereo speaker. Oh dear, the 70s were indeed the decade of bad taste.
I must say that John has been very patient and tactful over the years and has never criticised or complained about any of my pursuits and, looking back, I think that some of them left a lot to be desired! I suspect that this rug is in the same category as my macrame creations. Time will tell.

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Suse said...

I thought I'd seen it all, but a macrame stereo speaker hanger just takes the cake.

Or takes the piss, I'm not quite sure.