13 November 2007

Market meltdown

It was so hot. All things considered it was a great day - the only disappointment being that the hot weather kept people away. We were very busy in the morning, but it was much quieter in the afternoon when the sun was relentless and the heat was at its peak . Added to which the gentle breeze, which had been so welcome in the morning, deserted us in the afternoon and we felt and looked rather like limp lettuce. However, we received lots of positive feedback from those hardy enough to venture out into the heat and we made some good sales, added to which I was thrilled to meet some lovely people who read the blog. Our new fabric range created a lot of interest and we received our first order for a floor cushion made with one of the new fabrics. All in all, a good day but we were completely exhausted when it was over and headed for the beach where we threw ourselves into the surf in an attempt to cool off. I fell into bed on Sunday night and slept like a baby.

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