15 November 2007

Time to relax

We have come to the country for a few days R & R. The first thing I did when we arrived was to go out into the garden with a pair of secateurs so that I could fill the house with flowers. At this time of the year the roses are looking fantastic so they were the first to come inside. I didn't try to separate the different colours, I just picked as many as would fit into the bowl and put them all in together. They take my breath away every time I walk past them. There are three different types of lavender in the garden, French, English and something I know only as "Bunny's Ears". Their perfume is filling the bedroom.
When I had filled all the vases in the house, I started to fill up the coffee mugs.
The trees and the roses in this garden reach to the sky. Unfortunately, so do the weeds.

The next thing I did was to settle myself into a comfortable chair on the verandah with a pile of books and magazines, a cool drink and my ripple blanket, the intention being to work my way through that pile of books and double the size of my blanket. Before I left Perth I told myself that this is where I would spend most of my time. However, you will see that I have my work boots on just in case the call of the weeds became too insistent. The grass seeds in my socks were collected from the paddock when I visited my friend Buzzer.

Sure enough the weeds won and I spent the rest of the day with my head down and bottom up in the garden. A small price to pay for the joy of being here and being able to enjoy such beauty. However, I am determined to make an impression on that pile of books before I leave - particularly Jane's book. It arrived recently in the post and I have not had a moment to look at it. I am hoping that I will still be in relaxation mode after I have opened it and that it doesn't inspire me to start baking and getting busy with a new project. As I suspect the latter, perhaps I should leave The Gentle Art of Domesticity to last. In the meantime, there are more weeds to pull. Sometimes I wonder if I really do know how to relax.

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