06 December 2007

Lots of dots

Now that all the markets are behind us, it is time to shift our focus to the impending arrival due at the end of the month. The first item on the agenda is a cot quilt and this week Mandy and I visited our favourite fabric shop and purchased some wonderfully colourful fabrics. Where are the teddies and bunnies? As you will see this is not going to be a conventional cot quilt (Mandy is not a conventional kind of gal) neither is it a conventional cot quilt size. My idea of whipping up a little quilt in a matter of hours got turned on its head when I was told the required measurements. However, a larger quilt is probably a good thing as it will have a much longer life and use than if it was made only for a small cot. Most of the fabrics have been cut out and I am now into the laying out stage. This is the part which I find the most difficult and challenging. I love colour, but I don't have that natural gift of knowing just which colours complement each other best. John is much better at this than me so I shall probably be calling for his opinion soon. On the other hand, my client has very definite ideas about what she wants so she will have to have the last say. I am rather relieved about that because the final decisions can be made by someone else. It is going to be a very 'dotty' quilt. I might be a bit dotty too by the time it is finished as every time I look at Mandy I am reminded about how little time I have to get it finished.


Danielle said...

oooh i love the fabrics you've chosen! i think the quilt is going to look amazing!

Lisa said...

Oh. Wow. I love every bit of fabric in this entire quilt.

It's just so happy!