06 December 2007


Am very stressed. Spent all afternoon with heavily pregnant daughter trudging through shopping mall trying to finish Christmas shopping. Felt like wicked mother. List of jobs to do is growing faster than I can cross completed jobs off said list. Christmas cake and pudding still not cooked - have never been so late in making these. Christmas cards still in pile on desk in unopened packets, at least have bought stamps. Small comfort. Sister who usually cooks turkey for Christmas has run away to Europe and left me to cook turkey. Must visit butcher to order turkey but cannot decide whether to have ham and cranberry, apricot and macadamia or sundried tomato and pistachio nut seasoning. How can I make such a decision when head is full of things to do. Have orders to make for cut cloth customers and must go to Post Office to post completed orders. First grandchild about to arrive at any time and cot quilt not finished. Cannot have grandchild without cot quilt. Old friends who have not seen for over two years have arrived in Perth and need to arrange get together. Cannot believe that Christmas has arrived so quickly and am so unprepared/dotty.

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