16 December 2007

A new deadly sin

Feeling smug is not one of the seven deadly sins, but it should be. I have been feeling smug this week. The quilt is nearly finished, the gifts are wrapped and to complete my smugness I have cleaned the oven. Have you ever noticed that whenever Nigella, Jamie or Maggie etc open their oven doors to pop in the latest delicious creation, their ovens always GLEAM back at them. There is never a sign of any baked on grunge. I hate that. So I decided that the Christmas turkey deserved a clean oven. Now my oven seems to grin at me when I open the door. It won't last of course, but I will enjoy it for a short time.
However, while I was feeling so pleased with myself, I also knew that this smugness was not a good emotion and that it would come back to bite me. This weekend it did. It started with a chronic headache and this morning I have broken an enormous chunk off a tooth while eating my muesli. So it appears that I will be spending a good part of the week before Christmas in the dentist's chair - serves me right!

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