23 December 2007

What's in a name?

The quilt is finished in record time.

While Mandy & Michael have been agonising over a name for their baby, I have been agonising over what the baby will call me. Should I be Grandma, Granny, Nan or Nana? I am not sure I am really ready to be any of these. However, I could not put off the final decision any longer when I had finished the cot quilt. Whenever I make a quilt for someone else, I always put a little message on the back and sign it "with love from Diana". I didn't think this was appropriate in this case so a decision about my future name had to be made. Grandma sounded too formal, Granny is my mother, Nan is nice, but I decided to go with Nana. It reminds me of my much loved Nana who, sadly, died many years ago. Now it is in writing so I guess I have to stay with it. Maybe when the baby starts talking he/she will come up with another name entirely, but that's fine with me.

I called the quilt "Secrets" because if you look into it very closely, all sorts of little surprises are revealed such as tiny pieces of fabric which make me think of little doors which can be opened to reveal..........whatever your imagination likes.

I am very happy with the finished quilt - it is bright, cheerful and has a contemporary look about it which is exactly what we were trying to achieve. We chose a green and white polka dot fabric for the backing and a candy stripe for the binding and they draw all the colours together beautifully. I can't remember making a quilt in such a short time - amazing what a deadline can do.

Happy Christmas to all.


Marjie said...

O dearest Diana, you are such a wonderful Nanna/Nana. It is a beautiful quilt - what a lucky little child to have you - and how is the wall in the nursery?? It is just lovely - it looks like material or is it wall paper?
Must go - I feel quite clucky for you and Mandy and Michael - please keep me informed when it all begins!!!

Shannon said...

just beautiful!