05 January 2008

It's a girl

We could not have asked for a better New Year. A beautiful baby girl delivered safely in the early hours of New Year's Day. We could not be happier.

As soon as the shops opened on the following day, I hit them running and bought up everything I could find in pink. As Mandy had decided not to find out whether she was having a boy or a girl, everything she has bought is white or lemon. Already I am planning all the beautiful little dresses I will be able to make for her. Somehow, girls always seem easier to sew for than boys - but maybe that's because I only had girls myself.

I promised myself that I would not talk too much about my brilliant grandchild, but it is going to be hard.


Anonymous said...

Talk and chat and boast as often and as much as you like with me! I am so happy for you all.Wish I could be in your position! Penny and us have had lovely chats over skype but now that we are at NCC we can't seem to connect - internet is quite expensive and I am hoping Penny will try to connect - we dropped out before. Oh well - she is safe in her new room and uni begins on Jan 7.
On hols here for 2 weeks.

of paper & thread said...

Congratulations! What fantastic news :-)