15 March 2008

Getting back to normal

Life is returning to normal (whatever 'normal' is). Mandy and the littlest one have been staying with us while Michael has been on a business trip. I achieved nothing for the entire time they were here other than play baby games, sing nursery rhymes and talk baby talk. Oh yes, I did do mountains of washing. Now that they have gone home again I miss them terribly and have only these beautiful oriental lillies which Mandy bought for me to remember them. I am just feeling sorry for myself because, in reality, they live only ten minutes away and I see them a lot.

On the plus side, I have managed to catch up on some much needed housework and gardening. This morning, there was the first hint of autumn in the air and it was a pleasure to go out into the garden and try to tidy some of the damage done by the harsh summer we have had this year. I love this time of the year when the mornings and the evenings begin to get cooler and I get my energy back. However, the hot weather is not done with us yet as a very warm Easter has been forecast. I hope the garden can last for a few more weeks until autumn really sets in and then I will be able to give it some serious attention.

A tip I learnt from a florist at the time of Melissa & Stewart's wedding is that if this orange pollen gets on your clothes, don't try to rub it off as this will make matters worse and the stain will be almost impossible to remove. Instead, remove it by placing sticky tape over the pollen and gently lift it off. Works every time.

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