16 March 2008

Sculptures by the sea

Yesterday evening, John and I went to Cottesloe Beach to see the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition. This is an annual event when various local artists are invited to create a piece of sculpture to be erected either on the beach or on the surrounding grassed areas.

Some of the pieces were impressive like this giant snowpea tree which was right at the end of the groin and some were puzzling. I can't tell you what they were called as we were too mean to spend $8 on a catalogue which I knew would go into the bin as soon as we got home.

Then, just at the right moment, along came a bride.

It was a beautiful evening and a lot of people, especially the children, were enjoying the artwork.

Then we ate fish and chips

and enjoyed the sunset.
Living here on the west coast, we get to enjoy sunsets like this, and often even more spectacular, every day of the year. How lucky we are!

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