31 March 2008

A bottling good time

You have to be slightly insane to do this, but you do get a tremendous feeling of satisfaction when you see all those bottles filled with pears. In fact I feel a bit like a squirrel building up a store of nuts for the coming winter. You also really have to enjoy eating pears.

These are definitely not destined to be entrants in the preserving section at the Royal Show. I would say that the fruit was thrown in rather than arranged decoratively.

I wonder who picked this little guy. Someone obviously thought he was cute.

The next morning the sun shone through window onto the bottles and turned the pears into peaches.

After tripping the fuse no less than four times and disrupting John's football viewing; covering me and the floor in sticky pear syrup; developing a mild case of RSI as a result of all the peeling; and turning the kitchen into a bomb site, I had 15 bottles of pears to show for my afternoon's work. I would have had 16, but one bottle broke in the preserving kit. Another sticky mess. I had to stop when I ran out of rings for the lids, and I still have four boxes of pears waiting for a home (or a bottle). I am hoping they won't ripen too quickly so that I have time to recover before I am strong enough to cope with another afternoon of bottling. I knew we shouldn't have picked so many.


Anonymous said...

Looking great! Yum. Well done. I stewed about 2kgs of peaches yesterday - all for 98c from the green grocer! Last week I stewed plums - it must be that time of the year! Wish I could help you with the pears!!!
How is Millie?
Love Marjie

Anonymous said...

i picked the little guy! and yes, he was just too cute