28 March 2008

Pear shaped

We have been picking pears. Actually we have been picking hundreds of pears. There is a pear orchard at the farm which, despite zero attention, consistently gives us hundreds thousands of beautiful pears every year. I guess you could say they are organic pears.

The trees are very old and very beautiful. Much to the disgust of my fellow pickers, I became more enamoured with the knarled wood and the lichen growing on the trunk than actually picking pears. They were doing such a wonderful job and I knew that we were going to end up with more pears than we could deal with, even after giving hundreds away to family and friends.

We finally stopped picking when we had filled the back of the ute and we reminded ourselves that we had to transport them all back to Perth in the much smaller boot of our car.

So now we are home and I am surrounded by boxes and boxes of beautiful pears. No prizes for guessing how I will be spending my weekend. Actually there will be a prize - a box of pears!


Anonymous said...

I love pears! How lovely they look in the photos. It's amazing the rascally possums of birds don't go for them. Good job!
PS I picked a bowl full of fresh figs this afternoon!love M xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry - there was a typo error! I meant to type possums OR birds!! XX Marjie