10 April 2008

Identity crisis

When I was trying to decide on whether I was going to be a Grandma, Granny or Nana, I settled on Nana, but commented that whatever my first grandchild decided to call me was alright with me. Big mistake!

So I signed/sewed the name Nana on the back of this quilt for the littlest one, but I did not expect the debate it would cause amongst family members about the correct spelling of Nana. Some said it should be Nanna and others agreed with me that Nana is correct. My dictionary uses Nana, but I think the truth is that probably both are correct. However, my Nana was not spelt with a double 'n' so I am not going to be a Nanna. And, despite what my horrible wonderful nearest and dearest say, Nana is not pronounced Narnar as in Nana Mouskouri.

Of course, this has now become a great joke and everyone is calling me Nana Mouskouri. Now, I have nothing against this lovely Greek singer, I just do not want to be called after her. If this continues, the littlest one will latch on to the name and, unable to prounouce Mouskouri, will probably start calling me moussaka and I want even less to be called after a plate of Greek food. Nor do I want to be called Narnar which, to me, is mashed banana.

So how do I overcome this identity crisis? I have threatened to withdraw all baby sitting services until this travesty ceases, but of course everybody knows this is just a hollow threat. I have to think of something to make my family treat this Narnar with respect.

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