11 April 2008

Tiny edible forest

Last week I threw a packet of rocket seeds onto the garden and within three days tiny green shoots had appeared. This morning when I looked again, I had a miniature forest growing.

My plan had been to have a plentiful supply of rocket to put in our toasted sandwiches over winter. At this rate, the rocket will be eaten in our autumn salads and be finished by the time winter arrives. Now that I know how easy it is to grow, I will be planting a new packet of seeds every couple of weeks and I will never run out of those lovely peppery leaves.

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Nichole said...

Hi Di. Great to find another WA blogger! You'll find that rocket will regenerate the more you pick it... It's a pervasive crop - mine is going mental at the moment! It makes a wonderful pesto with almonds in place of pine nuts if you find you have way too much! :-)