10 June 2008

Farmers' Market

We visited a farmers' market last weekend. I could show you some pictures of the beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables which we took home with us... but instead I am going to show you these gorgeous delphiniums.

Their blueness is breathtaking.

I thought they were a spring flower and was surprised to see them available so early, after all we are only ten days into winter. I don't know how or where they were grown and don't really care. I am just delighted to be able to enjoy them.

I expected the petals to drop very quickly, but after four days in a vase, I am pleased to say they are holding up well and their beautiful colour has brightened up a couple of wet winter days.


Marjie said...

SUCH A GORGOEUS BLUE. Sorry, didn't mean to write in capitals!! I think little Millie may have been to her first Farmers' market judging by the photo of Mandy? Will email soon. I have been a sorry case lately!

Sally Ann said...

I also visited a farmers market last week,It was my first time and definately not my last. I loved it, all the fresh produce.