10 June 2008

The first of many

I have made what I hope will be the first of many little dresses for the littlest one. (I am not counting the Christening gown.) Mandy and I chose a denim fabric for the dress with a red velvet trim.

I lined the yolk with a Liberty fabric because I thought a double layer of denim would make the dress too bulky. I am happy with the result and she looks adorable wearing it.

The liberty fabric matches the plum buttons perfectly.

I used an oliver & S pattern. These gorgeous patterns are the brainchild of Leisl who writes the Disdressed blog which I like to read. Every pattern comes with a wrap-around sleeve from which you can cut out a little paper doll and dress her with cut out clothes. It made me feel seven years old again when I did this.

You can buy the patterns from Oliver & S in the US, but they are also available from Duckcloth here in Australia and I bought mine here because it arrived faster and being the impatient person I am I wanted it immediately.

We are very excited because Duckcloth is now selling the cut cloth fabrics on line. Check out their great website.

* * * * *

I have been tagged by Michelle at Hathersage Hall. I have never been tagged before and am not really sure I know what it means, but it makes me feel like a real blogger and not just someone who does this for her own fun. Apparently I have to write six unimportant things about me. Well, here's the surprise - everything about me is unimportant, except for the fact that I managed to produce two wonderful daughters and they are very important. Well, here we go...

I love the three fs - family, flowers and fabric. Make that four fs and add food to the list.

I like to be able to go to bed at night knowing that I have achieved something during the day - even if it is only something small.

I love to read and could happily spend all my money in bookshops (after I have spent all my money on fabric, flowers and food).

I have so many projects and books I want to either start or read, I doubt there will be enough time left in my life.

I would love to be able to travel to somewhere fabulous at least once a year.

Roses are my fabourite flowers.

And that gives me a good excuse to post a photo of a rose from my garden which I love - Meg (and because it is a while since I posted a photo of a rose).

Apparently I am now supposed to tag six other people. I hate to be a spoilsport and hope I don't break some sort of chain which will mean I go straight to blogger hell, but I don't feel confident at this stage of my blogging career to do this.


Michelle said...

I've been trying to comment for days, my computer has had gremlins!

I, too, could spend all my money in bookstores. I have my husband trained to call my favourite one for gifts!

My head was nodding as I read the comment about too many books and projects and not enough time.

The picture of your 'Meg' rose made me smile. Those are my initials. I think I'll try to find it (and beg my stepfather to help me keep it alive!).

Thanks for sharing.


Michelle said...

Oh, the Oliver & S dress looks gorgeous on your grandaughter. I've been drooling over that pattern, great to see it made up.


Elisa Morrison said...

I found your blog through the Oliver+s newsletter. I really enjoyed your posts about yourself; sounds like you have a wonderful peaceful life, and like we have some common interests. Happy sewing! Elisa

Concha said...

I love the dress you made for your little one -- this is a great pattern indeed. And such a nice lining!