28 June 2008

An interesting walk

Recently, on a beautiful sunny winter's Sunday morning I took the littlest one for a walk and I took my camera with me in case I saw anything interesting. I had no idea just how many interesting things I would see.
A lone mushroom, or is that a toadstool, on someone's front verge. Gives new meaning to the term 'nature strip'.

A beautiful tree in all its autumn glory. Here in Perth the trees change colour very late in the season and many keep their leaves until the end of June.

The local garden centre.

Some interesting bird life.

In the local shoe shop, the prettiest Doc Martens I have ever seen.

And in a more upmarket shoe shop a few doors away, some shoes which I would love to own but would never wear.

The local pub waiting for the first customers of the day.

Perhaps they are all in here and will congregate again in the pub when Mass has finished.

The local op shop - must return without the pram one day for a better look.

Spikey garden sculpture.

I think Myles comes from a very creative and tolerant family.

Some interesting places to sit and relax.

A pretty cottage.

Good looking gates.

Local kitsch.

Lots of flowers.

A soccer match.

A bargain or a lemon?

All this on just one walk.

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