16 August 2008

Hours of fun

Sometimes I wonder about myself. I have just spent precious sewing hours printing, cutting out, making up, playing with and photographing these cute little paper toys.

I have made a bowl for my jubes,

a pretty basket for some biscuits,

and a little truck to carry chocolates.

I don't know what these are called but I remember spending hours playing with them as a child. We used to put little messages underneath the folded paper.

Ideally these should be printed on cardstock. I didn't have any so I have printed them on regular paper because I could not wait to start playing.

Visit The Toymaker website for hours of fun and games for all ages, but don't blame me if you suddenly find that half your day has gone.

1 comment:

Freshly Found said...

Wow. I am debating whether I should venture over to this sight or not! I have a feeling my morning could get kidnapped if I do.