24 August 2008


While I might not have much to say at the moment, I certainly have lots of UFOs.

There is a new knitted jacket and hat for the littlest one (made in a large size so that it will fit her next winter).

There is a quilt which is almost finished. The quilt top has been in the bottom of a drawer for ages and I thought I should really get it finished. I put it away when I had finished piecing it because I wasn't very happy with it. My tastes in fabrics have changed so much recently. However, I know just the person who would like this quilt.

And there is the start of a new quilt. These are some of the prettiest fabrics that I have worked with and I am enjoying this one.

You can see what I mean by changed tastes in fabric. I have gone from the very soft colour palette to bright and colourful with a much more contemporary look.

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Tamara said...

I have been enjoying your blog for a little while now, but I think this is my first comment.
I love your new quilt. I think your change in taste reflects a change in the fabric designs available. I remember the day I first discovered Amy Butler... now simple,modern, colourful are plentiful. So much more fun to work with.