31 August 2008

One up, one down

I have finished one item from my unfinished objects list and added another one.

This little jacket is knitted with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino dk yarn. It is a beautiful soft yarn and gives a fabulous result. The collar is Debbie Bliss Astrakan yarn. I made it in a large size as the winter is almost finished here and it would not have gotten much use this year. The little hat is a beret style. It seems enormous for such a little head, but maybe it will be better next year.

So that is off the list and now for the new one. For some time I have thought that something had been lacking in my knitting career and that something was the knitting of socks. They have always been a mystery to me. I just couldn't understand how you could cast on stitches onto three needles, turn heels and finish toes and end up with a sock. It all seemed too hard. Added to which the knitting of socks conjured up images of matronly ladies, sitting in cold church halls, knitting socks for soldiers.

I have tackled difficult projects in the past. I remember knitting a jumper years ago which was more like a work of art than a wearable item. I still have the pattern for it. I had so many different coloured yarns hanging off this work that I spent more time untangling them than I did actually knitting.

Isn't it awful - but it was the 80s!

Then I saw this project on the Purl Soho site and I knew it was time to overcome my fear (and prejudices) of sock knitting.

I have turned my first heel and I am sure that the excitement I feel is completely out of all proportion to what I have actually achieved. Sad isn't it!

I doubt that these little socks would be likely to gladden the heart of any soldier, but they certainly do it for me. Best of all, they are a great small project which I can tuck into my suitcase when I depart next week. Purl Soho here I come (I hope they have lots of sock wool available.)


Marjie said...

You are so quick!! My socks are so pathetic but i will persevere - don't seem to pick up a needle very often these days tho'. I love the little jacket and hat - you are so clever. Mandy and Millie are indeed fortunate. I will be thinking of you as you leave for you know where!! can't take your knitting on board sadly! much love xo

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Wow, your blog is FANTASTIC! So much crafty goodness and inspiration! I love your reupholstery piece and I'll be linking to it tomorrow.

Liesl said...

What an incredible sweater! Lovely work.