22 September 2008

Not just about food

I am still taking pictures of food and, in fact, anything food-related. I queued for 30 minutes to buy these cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street.
They were good. The Doughnut Plant on the Lower East Side was also a must, but the spoils were devoured before I had a chance to take their picture.
The doughnut shaped coloured tiles in the shop front were a nice touch.

The Broadway Panhandler is the best kitchen shop I have ever visited and I spent over an hour marvelling at the range of equipment and gadgets. A few purchases were made.

Of course, a visit to the fashion district was a must and the number of button and notion shops was mouth watering (just can't get away from food associations!)
I am spreading my wings and getting a little culture on the way. The Metropolitan Museum of Art was awe inspiring and I could have spent an entire day walking through the hundreds of different exhibits and then gone back the next day for another dose. How wonderful it would be to live here and have it on your doorstep.
Even the roof garden was amazing with some incredible sculptures by Jeff Koons.

This morning I visited the very cute Point Cafe, a knit cafe in Greenwich. Some lovely ladies were drinking coffee and knitting blankets for charity during my visit.
I bought some very beautiful Noro Silk Garden sock wool.

The motto of the Point Cafe is:

"Eat knit and be happy"

Can't argue with that.

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Marjie said...

Oooh and aaah. Lovely reading and photos! We went into a wonderful homewares shop in Stratford, Ontario but didn't buy anything except for a cheap apron!! Something about these shops, isn't there?!!