12 October 2008

Back to reality

Home at last and it is good to be here. While we were in New York, the words from an old song kept coming into my head "How you goin' to keep them down on the farm now that they've seen Paris New York?". I wondered how our quiet life in remote Perth could possibly match the bright lights and business of such a fabulous city. But you know what, it measures up very well. The bustle and bright lights have their place, but for everyday living give me the quiet life. Not that it has been all that quiet here since my return and it has taken me a good two weeks to get my feet firmly back on the ground and ready to pick up the reins again. I will have to blow the cobwebs out of the sewing room and dust off my sewing machine, but I am ready to get back into it. There is no doubt that a break away can instil renewed energy and creativity (I hope, in the case of the latter).

While I was away Spring proper arrived in the garden. When it comes to bunches of flowers I love a big blowsy over the top arrangement. However I can't resist creating a little posy of Spring flowers when they first arrive in the garden.

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