29 December 2008

My desert island

In need of a little 'me' time and in desperate need of a long walk to work off some of that Christmas cheer, I took myself to the beach this morning to do what I call my desert island walk.

Usually when I come here there is no-one else in sight and I have the place to myself, that is why I call it my desert island. Although a busy highway is only 200 metres away and the beaches on either side of this stretch of sand are always full of beach goers, I can imagine I am a million miles away from everyday life and just soak up the peace and solitude.

Today, however, being holiday season, I was far from alone although I did manage to get this photo between a gap in the walkers and joggers.

The footprints in the sand testify to the fact that I was not the only visitor. There were also plenty of prints from four legged varieties.

Don't worry, this lovely fellow was not lost, despite appearances. His owner showed up shortly after I had taken his picture.

The shells on our beach are of the common or garden variety. However, I can never resist picking up a few more for my collection every time I come here. My pockets are always full of the sand which falls off them.

There is a good reason why people who live in Western Australia are called sandgropers - we are always covered in sand.


Melissa said...

Lovely blog mum, makes me want to go and do that walk again soon. We should go together and have a swim too - just us girls. I'm glad I'm not the only one who cant resist collecting shells. And cute dog - lovely photo, he looks friendly.

Marjie said...

I too, have walked along a long stretch of beach this holiday and collected shells and a pretty, smooth rock - so out of place in my suburban garden but such lovely peaceful memories of something non materialistic or whatever!! xx M