20 December 2008

Faster, faster

At exactly this time last year I was furiously sewing a quilt in anticipation of the arrival of the littlest one and I am pleased to say I finished it just in time. Since then I have wanted to make a similar quilt. I found some very pretty fabric and, because I so enjoyed this form of quilting - I call it 'slice and dice', or 'no mistakes' quilting - I decided to make another "Secrets" quilt. As I was getting towards the end, I realised that I was running out of fabric and so, just as I knit faster in the ridiculous hope that I will make it to the end of a row when I see my ball of wool is about to run out, I started to sew faster and faster so that I could finish the quilt before I used up all the fabric. Not only that, I pulled out from the bin all the tiny scraps which I had discarded and sewed them together to make more blocks.

This has been very time consuming, but I am thrilled with the result.

The quilt top is now finished and after Christmas I will add the backing and binding. I think I might keep this one.


our shabby cottage said...

i would be keeping it too - it is BEAUTIFUL! I love Swell!

Tamara said...

Oh I love everything I see made with that fabric. All those little pieces look delicious.

Well done.