27 January 2009

Conflict of interest

What to do? I have a whole day to myself in which to quilt. For once, there are no other demands on my time, but I am torn. The Australian Open is on the TV and I love to watch the tennis. On the other hand my quilt is calling out to me and I would love to finish it so that I can start my next one. John solves my dilemma for me when he tells me he is watching the cricket. Of course, if I was hand-quilting I would be able to do both, but I am impatient to get it finished so I am machine quilting.

I am loving this quilt. It makes me happy just to look at it.


kheli said...

The quilting will win with me every time! (A whole day to sew, uninterrupted? Heaven!) I love the happy red, green and yellow too. Especially the dots, what line are they from?

Di said...

Hi Kheli

Thanks for your comment. Yes, it was heaven and the quilt is finished. I will post a photo very soon. The fabric is called Swell. I think it is from Urban Chicks by Moda.


Anonymous said...

Hi Di. My hubby installed a telly in my sewing room.... I spent so much of the Oz Open under the a/c sewing and watching tennis.... bliss. Love your blog! Cheers, Adele