18 January 2009

Delicious zucchini flowers

For ages I have wanted to cook and eat a zucchini flower and have been frustrated that it is not possible to buy them (or not in a shop anywhere near me). So I decided that I would have to grow my own. My plants are now at the flowering stage and this week I picked, cooked and ate some of the beautiful yellow flowers. I dipped them into a very light batter and quickly fried them. Inside the batter, the flowers melted into a custard like consistency and they were delicious.

I now know why it is not possible to buy them. The flowers are incredibly delicate and would not last a minute if they were on a shop shelf.

They really need to be cooked and eaten as soon as they are picked.

I made sure that I picked only the male flowers so that I will get the added bonus of lots of fresh zucchinis. Yum.


Tamara said...

We had some for dinner on Saturday night. They are so good. I stuff mine with ricotta and herbs. I love stuffing them gently and wrapping each of the sticky thin petals around the filling.


Marjie said...

Anna is also cooking them! I have the flowers but not the talents to cook them! Maybe I should try but I would probably end up with the female flowers by error!
Lovely pics too!

spyra said...

Wow, that sounds delectably delicious. During the summer, my parents grow zucchini, pumpkin, butternut squash, and a variety of other related veggies. I don't know why we've never had this before. Definitely something to try for the season to come. Thanks for sharing!! =)

kaa said...

hello from india
i am amazed to find this here.. as it is this is a delicacy in parts of india...namely west bengal.
the world is a small place :)