06 February 2009

Progress report

I am making good progress on my shirt-stripe boxes quilt, although I think I spend almost as much time gazing lovingly at the finished blocks as I do sewing them. What is it I wonder that makes us inspired by different things. Why is it that one person can feel so strongly about something, while for another that same thing is meaningless. Too big a question to ponder when I could be sewing, but these blue and white blocks really do excite me. They make me think of Greece; blue skies, white houses and fishing boats.

While I am gazing at my wall of blue and white I am thinking that when this quilt is finished I would love to photograph it draped over a blue fishing boat. Not much chance of that when we do not live anywhere near a picturesque fishing village. However, a miracle has happened. John and I went for a walk yesterday around Lake Jackadder and what should I see but a little blue boat.

OK, it is not rustic, wooden, Greek or used to catch fish, but it is blue and in the absence of all the latter in this neck of the woods, that's good enough for me. I have never noticed it before and don't know if it is a permanent fixture, but that is probably because I haven't needed a blue boat before. Now I am in a race against time to finish the quilt before the owner of that little boat takes it away. It really will be a miracle if this can be accomplished.

As you can see, in my newly found frugality, I have even saved the buttons from the shirts. They still have little pieces of fabric attached, but that is a job for another day. Right now I have a date with a blue boat.


Anonymous said...

This quilt is going to look BEAUTIFUL! I'd love to know how you are finding working with lighter weight fabrics. Is it more difficult. I SO want to make one of these. Magnificent.

Annie Pazoo said...

Oh, I love this. Have been interested in this one, myself, since seeing it in the Kaffe Fassett book. Can't wait to see it finished! And I LOVE your idea of thrifting for shirts and pj's instead of buying yard goods. Now that's something I could get into :-) Many thanks for the inspiration!

Judy said...

I am so please to find your blog. I knew someone else out there would be working on this as well. I am several months in, I even have a big pile of buttons with pieces of fabric attached like yours!!
Your squares are so beautifully pressed out, that I need to get my ironing board now. I have just about managed to 'let the lines wiggle a bit' as intstructed but am finding it harder to mix the squares up as I love the symmetry!
Judy (a blogless j u b e r r y at msn dot com )