15 February 2009

The pressure's off

I couldn't write a post this week. Given the awful happenings in Victoria, it seemed too frivolous to sit here in my safe haven and write about quilting and sewing etc. Perth is such a long way from Melbourne and, although it was distressing to hear the news of the bushfires every day, from over here it was really hard to comprehend fully what it must be like in Victoria at the moment. Melbourne is my home town and I have lived through bushfires before, but it seems nothing could compare to this one.

* * * *

The pressure is off having to finish my shirt stripe quilt before the blue boat disappears. Melissa & Stewart, who live on by the lake have told me that the little blue boat is a permanent feature and is used as a rescue boat by the people who sail their remote control model yachts on the lake at the weekend. I was very pleased to receive that piece of information as, quite frankly, my eyes are starting to cross with all these stripes.

To give them a rest I have been dressing paper dolls and making a dress for a real doll.

Once again I have used a wonderful Oliver & S pattern. Leisl's patterns are so easy to use and the finished result makes even me feel like a professional, which I am far from when it comes to dressmaking.
This is the very cute bubble dress.

The hemline even looks soft and bubbly.

I am looking forward to seeing our doll wearing it.

It has just occurred to me (given as I am to imagining worse case scenarios), what if the yacht owners decide to give the boat a coat of paint. Next time it might be red and that would not complement my quilt at all. I will just have to be cross-eyed for a bit longer.


Anonymous said...

Such pretty fabric too. Where do you buy these lovely patterns? I am sure your little doll will look just beautiful in her pretty dress. Looks like Liberty fabric.
xx M

Di said...

I was thrilled to find this fabric. It certainly looks like Liberty but it isn't. You can buy the patterns direct from Oliver & S in the US, but I get mine from duckcloth in Australia. Their website is www.duckcloth.com.au.