17 March 2009

Luck of the not so Irish

As I am not Irish, nor do I have any Irish heritage, I have never celebrated St Patrick's Day. However, when a friend invited us for a St Patrick's Day meal, I thought I had better get into the spirit of the day. As luck would have it, the Toymaker sent me an email about some fun St Patrick's Day toys to make.

More luck at the supermarket this morning when I found these new minty green M & Ms which are perfect to put inside my little Leprechaun Treasure Box which I will take with me as a gift (I know, it's all a bit Martha Stewart).

The luck continued when I went to Spotlight to buy some backing fabric for my shirt stripe boxes quilt (yes I am nearly up to that stage). As I walked through to the fabric department there was a table full of silly green things (which were definitely not Martha).

So it's a silly green hat for him and a silly green tiara for me and happy St Patrick's Day to all.

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