06 March 2009

Climb ev'ry mountain

I decided to stop cutting and sewing as I go and finish all the cutting in one hit. While I have been cutting out this mountain of fabric pieces, I have asked myself whether I would have begun this quilt if I had realised that in order to make the stripes match in each square, every piece would have to be cut individually. No quick cutting method of triangles for this quilt, or none that I could think of. There are 203 blocks in the quilt, each block has four triangles, which makes 812 triangles to be cut individually. I feel as if I have been cutting forever. The good news is that I have 'summited', as they say in mountaineering terms, and am ready for the descent sewing. In actual fact, I think I am probably still at base camp, because there is still a lot of climbing work to do.

And the answer to my question is YES. Even knowing how much work was involved, I would have made this quilt. I love it.

1 comment:

Jude said...

The stripes look fab and such neat cutting!
After seeing your completed squares I now have cut and sewn obsessively and now have all blocks laid out on floor for constant rearranging. Have started to join just a few-seeing all the raw edges go and the blocks starting to merge or clash is fun and very satisfying.
Ran out of white thread at weekend so have bought another 1000m today. Struck me later that's a half kilometer of machining....
Thanks for the inspiration to keep going!