07 May 2009

A little bit of what you fancy

What do you do when your near 90 year old mother calls you with the news that something has crawled or flown into her home; laid its eggs, those eggs have hatched; her kitchen ceiling is now covered in a heaving, seething mass of maggots and she feels as though she is living in some sort of Alfred Hitchcock nightmare? You go to her rescue of course. By the time they have all been removed you both feel as though your skin and hair are crawling so you escape the house of horrors and take a trip to the river.

There, all is peaceful and blessedly maggot free. You drink coffee; watch the swans and the boats bob on the water; admire the bougainvillea climbing on the fence of the yacht club;

and look at the hibiscus which are still flowering prolifically and you wonder if summer is ever going to end.

Then you visit your favourite fabric shop and buy some blue and white stripes with which to bind the shirt-stripe boxes quilt.

After all that you are both feeling much better - just goes to show that a little bit of what you fancy does you good.

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