18 June 2009

The thread lady

All I have to show for the last two weeks of my life is this pile of blue threads which have come from quilting the shirt-stripe boxes quilt. Since my last post, a middle ear and sinus infections have meant that I have been feeling very sorry for myself and lacking even the smallest amount of energy. Most of my days have been spent listening to the readings and plays on BBC Radio 4 and creating this mountain.

Now, like these little threads,

I feel like crawling out from under my mountain and getting my life back. Today the skies are grey and the rain is falling - a perfect day to bind the quilt. Now where did I put my energy?


Jude said...

Hope you are feeling better. My 'shirt stripes' was also being quilted this week with Radio 4 play (Gandhi's goat)
Oh and some of my corners are much much worse than yours! but I'm still loving the making esp as its getting nearer the end!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to have you back on the air again - missed you .... love M...

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor you. Hope you're back on deck now. Don't those blue threads look nice together? I wouldn't have thought of it but it's gorgeous:) Von