03 June 2009

Who cares about a mismatched corner when you are having fun

In case you are wondering, the shirt-stripe boxes quilt has not been forgotten and, in fact, is nearing completion. I have finished the quilting and have only the sewing in of all the loose quilting threads and the binding remaining. Now that all the blocks have been sewn together I am horrified to see that some of my corners don't even look like meeting.

Others have come together very well.

In his instructions for this quilt, Kaffe Fasset said "don't go crazy trying to match the stripe seams perfectly. Let them wiggle a little - this is supposed to be fun". I suspect he is talking about the stripes within each block, but I am going to give his words a more literal meaning and include the sewing together of the blocks - after all, this is supposed to be fun and it is not worth worrying over a few mismatched corners is it................Is it? It's not as if I am going to enter this into a quilt show any time soon as I very much doubt it would survive a judge's critical eye. This is purely for my pleasure so I am going to try to ignore those mismatched corners

and, instead, concentrate on those that do match.


Marjie said...

And those that do, do so wonderfully!! Very neat! Well done!Anyway if it was perfect in every corner one may doubt if it is indeed a handmade quilt!

Anonymous said...

Sensational Di, absolutely sensational (imperfectly matched corners and all). I want one!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was wondering! It is looking gorgeous. And who would inspect the corners, anyway?!