14 July 2009

The colours of summer (in the depths of winter)

I have long wanted to join a quilting group and have finally decided to do something about it. The Western Australian Quilters' Group is having its monthly meeting next week and I am hoping to get there. (I was hoping to get to their June meeting but, instead, was in bed with that awful ear infection.) Members are asked to take some hand sewing and, presumably, you sit and stitch while the meeting progresses. I am really not sure what happens, but all will be revealed next week. I have one small problem with this in that I don't currently have any hand sewing. The hand work I am doing at the moment is the gelato ripple blanket and it might raise a few eyebrows if I crocheted during a quilters' gathering. Perhaps it would be suggested politely that I join a different group.

So I raided the fabric stash and quickly put together a small quilt which is now ready for hand quilting. It is larger than this - the picture shows only one corner.

In the process I noticed a remarkable similarity in the colours of the blanket and the new quilt.

I have also begun to cut out another quilt in these fabrics.

There seems to be a theme going on here. I think I must be longing for the warmth of summer and am trying to capture rays of sunshine in wool and fabric.

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susan said...

both your ripple blanket and your quilt look amazing!and yes i noticed a theme too