15 July 2009

Missed the boat

This is NOT what I had in mind all those months ago when I imagined my quilt artistically draped over the little blue boat and me pretending I was on a Greek island.

The days have been sunny for a while and, as rain is forecast again tomorrow, I thought today would be a good day for me and the quilt to go to the lake. Sometimes things just don't turn out as planned.

I had forgotten that the winter rains would mean that the water level of the lake would rise and, whereas the boat had been surrounded by grass in the summer, it was now perilously close to the water. I had also failed to compute that there was a stiff breeze blowing which meant that it was impossible for the quilt to lie flat and no matter how artistic I tried to be, the breeze had other ideas.

I tried hanging it over the branch of the tree to which the boat is tied. Same problem.

I tried folding the quilt so that the weight would keep it flat, but that just didn't create the look that I wanted.

Out of the shade the sun washed all the colour out of the quilt.

I used the nearby gazebo, but the local wildlife had left various deposits on the ground which were proving difficult to avoid.

When the breeze lifted the quilt right off the boat and almost landed it in the water I knew it was time to admit defeat and come home. Here, in the relative calm and safety of the courtyard, I put the quilt over the back fence and took a few quick shots.

Oh well - best laid plans and all that. Now it is time to stop talking about the shirt-stripe boxes quilt, put it on a bed and enjoy it.


rosa said...

looks fantastic....in all the shots. Would love to see a detail of what sort of quilting you did (straight line/stipple..?.)and also, the back! Because of all the different sized squares, i'm having a hard time envisaging what the best way to quilt it might be......very inspirational and a great idea

Anonymous said...

Yay! There it is at last! It is gorgeous, Di. I especially love the mixture of blues and the little shots of red. Shame about the boat, but the story about your best laid plans was so entertaining and so familiar. The back fence worked a treat.

Anita said...

It's beautiful! I'm thinking about playing around with this quilt idea only using cut up men's shirts. I love how yours turned out!

Renee said...

What a fabulous quilt! Absolutely beautiful.

alobsiger said...

Your quilt is so wonderful! I am a shirt stripe quilt now and keep look at yours as inspiration. Gorgeous!

susan said...

found your blog thru rhubarb patch. your quilt is gorgeous and i think the pic of it on the fence is fab. it really is a lovely quilt. is this pattern from kaffe fassetts book?

Suse said...


I am so in awe of people who can quilt :)

Vesuviusmama said...

It is beautiful. I am following Nancy Rose at Life is a Stitch who is also making this quilt. Perhaps it will make it onto my list of quilts to make soon.

Una said...

It is SO nice! I've been wanting to learn how to cut the triangles ever since the book came out. Thanks for pushing me in the right direction to do so:0) Greetings from Norway,