30 July 2009

High on books

I love online shopping. I buy most of my fabric this way and also books. I love to be able to browse at leisure, make choices without any pressure and then there is the delicious anticipation of waiting for the parcel to arrive. I get a real high when I come home to find a package waiting for me. Look what was in the letterbox for me today. Two beautiful books from Persephone. I love their simple grey exteriors and then, when they are opened, a burst of colour comes from their endpapers which are often reproductions of old fabrics. An added bonus is a matching bookmark.

I can't wait to get my nose into these (when I have finished admiring and stroking them). The stories are usually set during the period between the First and Second World Wars and are a delightful glimpse into life at that time. How different it is today.

I now have three Persephone books.

Apparently, if you have three of something that constitutes a collection, or at least the beginning of one. I have a long way to go as there are over 80 books in the Persephone catalogue, but I have made a start and, hopefully, there will be a lot more highs to come.


Paperback Reader said...

Three books definitely constitutes the beginning of a Persephone collection! They are such truly beautiful books and the end-papers are fabulously pretty.

I am co-hosting a Persephone Reading Week in late August where we bloggers celberate all things Persephone for a week including reviews and competitions. Please join us if you would like; more details can be found on my blog.

Anonymous said...

And what a lovely collection to have Di! They remind me of the 'Nicholas' series, published by Phaidon. They too, are beautifully bound and we are lucky enough to have several of them lying around our house. My kids love the tales of Nicholas the French school boy.

Now I'm off to see if I missed a post of your finished quilt draped over that little blue boat!

Renee said...

My mom says anything you have more than 1 of is a collection... :)

Books are a weakness of mine, thank you for telling me about this resourse!

Darlene said...

Aren't they fabulous! I started to order Persephone books last Fall and now have twenty. This past May, I was in London and stopped into the Persephone shop for a book chat, we discussed Someone at a Distance. It's a wonderful book with an interesting ending! Please do look into Paperback Readers Persephone Challenge, it's going to be such fun - you'll be inspired to order more titles.

verity said...

They are gorgeous! I have quite a collection - you'll find that they're quite addictive.

Like Paperback reader, I am cohosting the Persephone Week Reading Challenge, and it would be lovely if you wanted to join in by reading one of those books and blogging about it at the end of August. We've got all sorts of fun things planned!

Tora: said...

First time visitor here...found your blog while clicking on a link and I'm in love with your shirt-stripe boxes quilt! I posted a link on my blog and can't quite stop looking at it.

Those washed out blues remind me of the summers by the lake and how I NEED TO MAKE ONE.

BTW, thanks for the BBC4 Radio mention. Listened to my first week of the Archers and I think I'm hooked!

Anyway, I added you to my blog favorites and I'll be back again.

susan said...

gosh they are beautiful books, but oh my, it would cost $32 to mail one to me!!ack
is there somewhere in the u.s. where they can be purchased??

The Wooly Wumpus said...

I have just discovered the joys of buying fabric online, and I agree that there is something so suh-weet about finding a parcel in the mailbox! I'm so happy to see the postman walking up the drive, I'm sure he thinks I'm in love with him.