29 July 2009

Trying to be 'green'

I have a confession to make - I am not a great fan of Australian native plants. There, I have said it and I know it is very unpatriotic and not very "green" when we should all have only water-wise natives in our gardens, but I don't like their habit of becoming very straggly and woody. Having said that, I have planted a grevillea because I would like to attract more birds into the garden and I have to admit that the flowers are strangely beautiful.

If I succeed and the birds come and the bush does not become unsightly, I might even plant some more.

However, nothing will ever replace my love of the rose with its beautiful perfume and soft velvety petals.


susan said...

i have never heard of this flower, it is very beautiful
does it have a scent?

Miss Zoe said...

There is a stunning florist in Melbourne called Mr. Lincoln (they are in fitzroy.... not sure of the website) but they delivery flowers to my work each week and they only use natives- and while I never used be a native fan either, these arrangements are always stunning, unusual, and really beautiful. Changed my mind!