21 October 2009

Vintage toddler

When I was in Melbourne recently, I drooled through the window of a very exclusive and, it goes without saying, expensive children's clothes shop. In the window was a beautiful little denim pinafore dress over a pretty pink and white polka dot blouse. I knew the littlest one just had to have it, but the price was prohibitive so I resolved to make one. It is very retro (but vintage is all the rage now, right?) and looks a little like something I might have made for my girls when they were tiny so, hoping that Mandy would indulge me, I got to work.

The scissors had a malfunction when I was cutting out the blouse and the back ended up shorter than the front. The addition of a little ruffle solved that problem and looks as if it was meant to be.

Both Mandy and the littlest one liked it and she looks really cute in it.


To those who might have read my previous post (since deleted), I apologise. I was feeling sorry for myself and while I tried to make the post humourous, I clearly failed because family members were calling me to make sure I hadn't done something silly to myself. Late that night, two beautiful friends arrived from Melbourne to help me celebrate my birthday. It was a wonderful surprise and we laughed constantly for three days. Nothing like a good laugh to chase away the blahs!

These are growing in my garden. I love spring.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Di! I didn't read the deleted post but I'm glad you're feeling good again. The dress is so sweet...makes me wistful for the days my girls were toddlers.

Rosa said...

gorgeous outfit. It's always so satisfying when you can have the item without the pricetag. Well done.

Marjie said...

The sweet little blouse is just beautiful - the frill is too lovely to hide under a pinafore so maybe now make a pair of denim shorts!! Clever scissors to make you be even more creative than you are already.
Laughing and pretty flowers never fail to bring happiness. x