01 November 2009

A letter

Dear Blog

I am sorry I have been ignoring you lately. The truth of the matter is that I have been obsessed with "getting things done". I have had a list in my head of things that I simply must do and until they could be crossed off the list I could not relax. Of course, if I did not complete any of these items, the world as we know it would not come to an end, but that's not the point, in my mind they were essential. In the last month the house has had a thorough spring clean; the pot plants in the courtyard have all been repotted, replanted or reorganised;

the pavers in said courtyard have been cleaned; summer herbs and vegetables have been planted; quilts have been commenced (this is for Melissa)

clothes have been made for me and the littlest one, this obviously for the latter, not me;

wonderful friends have come to stay and a big birthday has been celebrated; ideas have been spotted in magazines and shops which just had to be copied; Melissa & Stewart have been helped to move house; furniture has been painted and the bedroom has received a makeover (photos to come soon).

So blog, you see I have been busy, but I have not forgotten you and last night when I mentally crossed off the last item on my list, I had a long hot shower, slathered my face with beauty products (you know all those freebies you get if you spend a gazillion dollars on one item), painted my toe nails to match my new hippie pants (just made), put up my feet and thought of all the time I was going to have to write scintillating missives to you.

By the way, I do have two legs and feet, it's just that the other foot has a bunion on it and it's not a pretty sight.

Love Di

1 comment:

Marjie said...

How you make me laugh!! The feeling of crossing things off the list is so cathartic, isn't it? Love the pants and the toenails too!!