06 November 2009

Mystery notes

Here is something else which I have been inspired by recently. I saw this done as part of a beautiful shop's Christmas decorations and certainly if the music sheets had been of Christmas carols, which I suspect they were, then they would be suitable to use only at Christmas time. However, I wrapped my candles in one of Beethoven's Sonatas and I think this means they can be displayed at any time of the year.

I say I suspect they were wrapped in Christmas carols because, to my shame, I cannot read a note of music. It is all like squiggles on a page to me. However, give me a page of these squiggles and I can tell you everything they say.

1 comment:

Marjie said...

You are so clever to read THOSE squiggles!! Now tell me, were they telling everyone how clever you are? Cos you are!! xx