03 November 2009

Bedroom makeover

Our bedroom was starting to look a bit dated and I was over the dark wood.

It was time for a makeover. This picture which I had cut out of a magazine was my inspiration. Of course, my finished room looks nothing like this, but inspiration has to come from somewhere.

The first to receive the treatment was the bedhead.

I got out a girl's best friend, her staplegun, and a plentiful supply of wadding was stapled to the headboard.

This was then covered with a piece of soft creamy coloured striped fabric.

Then I painted the bedside tables and I couldn't believe the difference. Those ugly tables suddenly had a fresh modern look and my new Persephone book was a perfect colour match.

The cross stitch pictures above the bed were replaced with small canvases covered with fabric

et voila a new fresh look.

Help, I can feel a new list coming on. I have just seen this picture and I am inspired to make an ottoman for the living room.

Don't hold your breath.

1 comment:

Kate said...

Your redecoration is a great success! It looks elegant and modern but certainly not cold.I hope you are enjoying the new space. : )