17 November 2009

Small, smaller and smallest

I am going to have to think of a new name for the littlest one as she is about to be joined by another little one. Just as well because the use of littlest is very bad grammar and she should have been called the smallest one. But as she is no longer going to be the littlest one or, indeed, the smallest one, I think her new name will be the small one and the new arrival will be the smallest one (or should that be the smaller one?). What happens when a third arrival arrives? I suppose it will be a case of small, smaller and smallest, but I will worry about that when it arrives happens.

A new cot quilt has begun

and in keeping with the owl theme in the new nursery, I have made this.

I am so happy and excited.

By the way, the pattern for the fabric balls above can be found on the Purl Bee website.

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