03 December 2009

Gone troppo

I have spent the last two weeks in far north Queesland, feeling very relaxed and tropical. What a beautiful place it is. Up there the pace of life is much slower - it has to be as it is much too hot to rush about everywhere.

The variety and colour in the local plant life is simply breathtaking.

The local wildlife is also impressive and this fellow would, no doubt, have taken more than my breath if we had come much closer.

Now I am home again and have begun to feel the pressures of life and that slight feeling of panic I get every December in the lead up to Christmas when I think about all the things which have to be done. Already I am dreaming about my next tropical holiday.

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Anonymous said...

That looks wonderful, Di. Just the thing to end the year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, even if it's a little late. Von,MIA