05 March 2010

Celebrate and commiserate

I don't think I can remember a busier start to a year. It began with a second birthday to celebrate. Then we celebrated the arrival of our beautiful boy (the new littlest one). Now we have celebrated mum's 90th birthday. Wow, all these celebrations and hardly a stitch sewn on the sewing machine. It's time to drag out all those works in progress (of which there are many) and get to work.

Before getting down to work, I have spent a wonderful hour browsing on the website of my favourite US shop - Anthropologie.

In the past they have not shipped to Australia so I was very excited when I learnt that they will now do this. I filled up my shopping cart, but discovered that the celebrations were over when I got to the checkout and saw what they were charging for postage. Oh well, I will continue to browse and dream. Even if I don't buy anything, the website is gorgeous to look at.

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