16 March 2010

Sculptures and ships

We went to Cottesloe beach at the weekend to see the Sculptures by the Sea. As usual, the artwork was interesting, eclectic and colourful.

This one was made with plastic bottle tops.

I think there is a quilting pattern in here somewhere.

One of them was a sculpture in the air.

The small one made a sculpture of her own.

After the sculptures we drove on to Fremantle to see the departure of the Queen Mary 2 which had been in port for the day. We watched as she slowly made her way out of the harbour..

..and headed out to sea. She sure is a big girl.

I rather envied all those lucky people waving to us from their private balconies.

1 comment:

Von said...

Love your photos of the sculptures - I completely missed the aerial one when we were there.
Oh, and I'm sure your sister will have loved the bag :)