15 March 2010

One of a kind

My sister is having a birthday and I had no idea what to give her. She is a good buyer of gifts and always manages to find things which are different and interesting, whereas I struggle with the gift buying process.

I really wanted to give her something unique and then I had the idea of making her a tote using fabric in some of the colour combinations we experimented with when we were printing The Cut Cloth fabrics.

We didn't ever go ahead with these fabrics and have only small pieces of them, so they are definitely unique and won't be seen anywhere else. Now that I look at that green and slate grey combo again, I wonder why we didn't use it because I really like it.

I slipped a matching zipped purse inside. I will give it to her tomorrow and hope she likes it.

1 comment:

Amanda Mac said...

Cool- love the matching inner bag.
Bags are such a great and practical way to use up scraps, aren't they?
(and the Stieg larsson trilogy is a great read... I am yet to read no.3)