08 May 2010

down south

We have been 'down south' for a few days. Here in Perth, if we say we are going down south we mean that we are going to the south-western corner of Western Australia, famous for its beautiful vineyards,

great places to eat

and great surf. I indulged in the first two and looked at the third.

I also fossicked in rock pools

admired the local landmarks:

Cape Naturaliste lighthouse

Busselton jetty - the longest in the southern hemisphere

and took advantage of the photo opportunities provided by the outbuildings at the lighthouse.

This beautiful weeping eucalyptus tree was in the garden of the house where we stayed.

I would love to be present at the birth of these little gumnut babies.

It was lovely to have a few days out of the city and we came home feeling refreshed and full of food.

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