30 May 2010

A find in Freo

It is amazing what can happen in your own city that you have no idea about. Yesterday we had gone in search of a highly recommended Italian butcher in Fremantle (affectionately known here as Freo).

We found the butcher, but we also stumbled across something completely unexpected.

At first we thought we had found a farmers' market, but then to our delight and amazement we discovered that the Italian grocery next door to the sought after butcher was having a party to celebrate the "cutting of the cheese". Every 18 months a huge cheese is imported from Italy and a big party is held to celebrate the first cut. The cheese was enormous and had to be raised with heavy chains, a large pulley and a very large man.

There was free coffee, chocolates, antipasto, Italian delicacies and, no party is complete without it, music.

We had such a great time soaking up the atmosphere and for a little while, imagined we were in Italy.

On the opposite side of the street, overlooking all the merriment were three of the most colourful little cottages I have seen.

We finished off our morning with a touch of spring. Yes, on the third last day of autumn these were on display.

I was lucky enough to be given a little pot of tiny daffs.

Altogether, a very satisfactory morning. By the way, the butcher was fantastic and we will be making regular visits to both establishments.


Maggie said...

Frank is great. I go in once a week to buy meat for my husband, and I've been loving the 99c/kg watermelon in the middle of autumn too!

Maggie said...

looks like I get watermelon from the butchers... I meant to say, from next door at Galati's.

Georgia said...

Granny was telling me about the market, I just had to have a look! Hope you're well xo

Anonymous said...

Love the photos and the referral!