12 July 2010

It's nice to share

The littlest one was christened on Sunday. When Melissa asked me to make something for him to wear, my heart was in my mouth hoping that she wasn't going to ask me to cut up her wedding dress as Mandy had done two years ago. I breathed easier when I heard that this would not be required and that I was able to purchase some silk from the bridal section of the fabric shop.

Even so, I found it a nerve-wracking experience making something so important. I didn't want to wait until just before the day before finishing the suit in case I had a disaster and had to start from scratch. So many thoughts were going through my head as I was sewing. How much would he grow between when I finished the suit and the big day? How do you have a meaningful "dress-fitting" on a five month old baby? (You don't, you just have to wing it - at least I did.) I also couldn't help thinking that now that I have made two christening outfits, I hope my girls remember what I taught them all those years ago - that it is nice to share. Nana's nerves can't cope with too many more challenges like this.

In the end it all came together on the day. Even the sun came out for a few hours in the middle of a prolonged wet period. Blessings all round.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously sweet. And shoes too!